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Being able to check every employee's activities in an organization is very crucial. According to a recent study, it has been proved that employees waste most of their time in checking personal emails, chatting or playing online games instead of working. This not only affects the ROI but can also be a threat to organization's security. What would you do if some employee plans to exchange secret information through emails or prints them?

You might put CCTV cameras but that could not be very useful. One must invest in something that is more secure and gives maximum power. Computer monitoring software is the third party software that not only tracks every website the person opens but also every key he has typed! This software allows you to keep complete check on every activity performed by the user on a particular computer.


Software Features
  • Easy to use and highly efficient software
  • Interactive and graphic screens make it possess highly intuitive interface
  • Enables admin to capture screenshots of target computer screens in an invisible mode
  • Admin can specify maximum size of snapshots
  • Allows taking snapshots of only active window as well
  • Records every keystroke and reports everything that user has typed on the target computer
  • Allows viewing of complete internet browsing history including page details, browser used and time taken on one website
  • Reports accessed applications history as well
  • Captures entire Copy-Paste activities performed by the user
  • Reports every email activity
  • Tracks all passwords typed by the user
  • Notifies the admin about every Print command
  • Scheduled delivery of logs can be specified email account
  • Prevents unauthorized usage of certain applications by setting passwords on it
  • Automatically clears old and out dated logs to save storage space

Computer monitoring software is very beneficial software that must be installed in every organization to keep a check on employees' activities. If by chance the system crashed, and then by analyzing the logs created by this tool can ease out the deciphering process. Parents or admin can regularly keep a detailed check on activities that are performed by their children or employees on the specific computer respectively.

Moreover, one can record entire activities that take place in his absence on a personal computer. This is the best solution to instill fear in employees' mind and increase ROI. By knowing they are being watched, there is less chance of them wasting time! Admin can take quick action against people he finds guilty of surfing blocked websites by showing these records.

Supported By

Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/98/NT/95 Operating Systems support this software

Trial Version

Try our Spy Tool without any extra charges by downloading the Trial version from our official website. The free version allows users to experience complete functionalities of this utility for unlimited time. However, it has some limitations such as, in the trial edition user cannot save screenshots and even if he succeeds in saving some screenshots, these are blurred and cannot be viewed in a slideshow. The demo version does not allow sending logs to a particular account. In order to avail all benefits of this utility, one must purchase complete Spy Tool!


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